Office Hours

Unfortunately, there is no teaching assistant this semester to hold office hours. You may attend to the office hours of lecturers or to the Help Room.

The office hours of lecturers:

  1. Gülin Ercan: Tuesday 13:40-15:30
  2. Ömer Küçüksakallı: Tuesday 10:40-12:30
  3. Mahmut Kuzucuoğlu: Monday 15:40-17:30
  4. Ahmet Beyaz: Tuesday 13:40-15:30
  5. Ferruh Özbudak: Wednesday 8:40-10:30

Help Room is located at Mathematics Building M-110. It is a service aiming to support students in terms of problems related to mathematics courses, especially Calculus courses.

However, the available assistant(s) may be able to help you with Math 116 questions. Help Room service is available every weekday except Friday.