Math 116 Online Exams


Dear Math 116 Students,

Here is the information regarding the exams.

1 )  Midterm:   June 26   13:00 (Worth 50%)

Duration:   45 Minutes

      Included Topics:
  • Week 1. (Feb 3) Divisibility, prime factors and GCD (Sec. 2.3, 2.4)
  • Week 2. (Feb 10) Congruence of integers, binary operations (Sec. 2.5, 1.4)
  • Week 3. (Feb 17) Binary operations, matrices, classes (Sec. 1.4, 1.6, 2.6)
  • Week 4. (Feb 24) Groups (Sec. 3.1, 3.2)
  • Week 5. (Mar 2) Subgroups, cyclic groups (Sec. 3.3, 3.4)
  • Week 6. (Mar 9) Isomorphisms, homomorphisms (Sec. 3.5, 3.6)
  • Week 7. (Mar 16) Permutation groups, cosets (Sec. 4.1, 4.4)
  • Week 8. (Mar 23) Normal subgroups, quotient groups (Sec. 4.5, 4.6)

2)   Final:  July 14, 13:30 (Worth 50%)

   Duration:  60 minutes.

    All topics in the syllabus are included with an emphasis on topics after     the Midterm.


3)  There will be one Makeup exam on July 17, 13:30 (Makeup exam may be an online oral exam with a camera recording.)


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About Math 116 Online Education

Dear Sudents of Math 116,
 First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are in good health and in good spirit. Unfortunately, we are witnessing hard times which require us to be extra cautious. We, as your instructors, are fully aware of the anxiety and concerns you are experiencing, since we are also are feeling the same way. Hopefully, these days will be over quickly, so please keep up a high spirit and please try to adhere to the rules and regulations to slow down the spread of the pandemic.
As you know, per the decision of the Higher Education Council and the presidency of our university, we are supposed start online education.
We know that you have various concerns regarding this. Thus, we will try to keep it as simple as possible.  Note that the situation at hand is forcing us to online education. We will try our best to make it as pleasant as possible for you. You should note that, all of these arrangemenets are done to minimize your loss of time.
Therefore, please read the following carefully:
0) Our aim in online education is to keep the class going, whose alternative is “stopping”. We understand that you may/will have occasional difficulties. Therefore we will
keep the pace of the class low.
1)  Math 116 Online education will be asynchronous, meaning we will NOT use a software to have an online class.
2) Instead we will create videos of our lectures and also solved exercise problems and make this avaliable to you online.
3) All material will be shared at Odtüclass:  (If you are not enrolled to this, send an email to
4) We will start putting material online on March 30 (maybe even earlier) So please make sure you check your mail regularly.
5) There will be 3 parts of online material (updated weekly)
      –  A video of the topic of that week, prepared by your instructors.
      – The notes of the video as a .pdf fle.
      – Solved exercises (as a .pdf file) related to the topic of the week,
All of this will be available through Odtüclass:
Note that we are not experienced in video creation. Hence any comments on our videos would be welcome.
6) We have opened a discussion forum on Odtüclass. You should use this forum to ask questions. Your instructors will try to answer them as soon as possible.  Please use this forum actively. We kindly ask you to use this forum as your only way of asking questions. This will also benefit your friends.
7) Regarding exams:
   As for exams, we are not  sure yet how they will be managed  in an ethical way under these circumstances. As per the presidents suggestions, we will see what happens in the future. We hope that if things progress as desired, we will able to meet and have our exams. Note that everything about the exams and the grading scheme is subject to change. Right now let us postpone questions/concerns regarding the exams to a later date.
8) The online material IS a part of the class and will be measured in the exams.  It is our expectation that you will follow the online material regularly and use the forum actively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any type of problem.

We wish you all the best!
On behalf of your Math 116 Instructors

Gökhan Benli

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Regarding Math 116 Exam 1

Dear students,

1- Exam 1 is on Monday March 16, 17:40

2- Exam content will be announced on Friday March 13.

3- Exam places will be announced on March 16.

4- You must have received an email from Gradescope. Please follow the instructions in this email.

5- There are some people who are not registered in odtüclass. These people will miss important announcements. Please let me know immediately if you are not registered to odtüclass.


Math 116 Coordination

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MAth 116 Recitation, February 27, 16:40-18:30 M13

Dear Students,

Our student-assistant Şeyda Köse will be holding a recitation session this  week on February 27, Thursday between 16:40-18:30 in M-13.

We would like to note that, since our course officially does not include a recitation session, it is not mandatory but completely voluntary to attend this. No attendance will be taken. Şeyda will be solving various (pre-determined) questions from your book.

Math 116 Coordination.

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About the attendance policy

Dear Students,

Since there is great imbalance in section attendances, we will start taking attendance in Math116 starting February 24.

The attendance policy is as follows:

A student whose attendance is less than 70% AND whose midterm scores M1+M2 less than 60 points (out of 200 points) will receive NA grade and wont be able to attend the Final.

Hence it is important that you attend the lecture in the correct section. Also note that some students in section 2 were transferred to section 4. You were notified about this last week.

Therefore, before going to class this week please check your section once again.

If your name does not appear in the attendance list in your class, send an email to immediately.

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Section Changes

Dear Students,

Some students from section 2 are transferred to section 4.

Please make sure you are attending the class in the correct section.




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